The Global Java Conference

Kyiv, November 1-2, 2019

About Devoxx Ukraine

JavaDay joins Devoxx family, the biggest Java Community conference in the world and becomes Devoxx Ukraine.

During 7 years JavaDay had been a local tech gathering, which made it quite hard to bring speakers from all over the world to share their expertise with you.

Devoxx, in its turn, is the biggest worldwide Java conference with access to hundreds of remarkable international speakers, sponsors, huge content databases and new speech formats. It is an annual international conference with more than 60 global speakers – well-known Java-professionals from the US, Canada, Western Europe and other countries.

The extended Devoxx family welcomes annually more than 17 000 developers spread across Belgium, UK, France, Poland, Marocco and an additional 14 VoxxedDays cities around the globe.  

Devoxx4Kids brings coding magic to 10 000 children through chapters all over the world.  

Devoxx Ukraine brought to you by EPAM and JUG UA


We welcomed over 65 speakers in 2018. Meet some of our speakers.

Venkat Subramaniam

From Agile Developer, Inc.Founder of Agile Developer, Inc.

Lawrence M. Krauss

School of Earth & Space Exploration and Physics Department

Rafael Benevides

From Red HatDirector of Developer Experience at Red Hat.

Ray Tsang

From GoogleDeveloper Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform

Oleg Šelajev

From OracleGraalVM

Sebastian Daschner

Java Champion, Oracle Developer ChampionSelf-employed Java consultant

Chris Thalinger

Software engineer on Java Virtual MachineFrom Twitter
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Devoxx UA Tracks

Methodology & Culture

Corporate and development culture, software development methodologies, DevOps as a culture.

JVM Languages

Language features, news, specs, plans. Different languages comparison. Useful tools for debug, crash- or memory-analysis, etc.

Server Side

Talks on frameworks and libraries which are mainly used on the server-side, e.g.: Spring framework, RxJava, Hibernate, batch processing, Jakarta EE. Various application servers. Databases.

Architecture & Security

Share howtos, experience, best-practices to build a system and do it right. Microservices or monolithic design. Blockchain. Reactive applications. Also something which can be explained without dive into code.

Mobile & IoT

Kotlin Native, Android, iOS, Xamarin, IoT, Embedded, M2M, smart objects, connectivity, etc

Machine Learning & AI

Developing AI, teaching process and usage, specific libraries and external services (API)

Big Data & Data Mining

Big data stream processing, analysis and trend building. Methods of categorisation. Specific libraries etc.

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Share howtos, experience, best-practices to work with cloud-based infrastructure. Building anything and deploying it anywhere. CI and CD. DevOps as a technical cookbook.

Modern Web

Web frameworks. Cross-compilation to JavaScript. Thick-clients working via Web (e.g. JavaFx).


Provide a first class tech conference where passionate developers can network, hack, get inspired and learn throughout.


Devoxx is a conference by developers, for developers. It is offered at an affordable price so that every developer can enjoy the experience.


Devoxx Ukraine is a community effort. The team is made up of senior developers, user group leaders and passionate experts.

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